We are a team of staff from Northumbria University

based at the Northern Design Centre, Gateshead.

We work collaboratively with partners to understand

and effectively meet their workforce development needs.

How to raise a potential opportunity/idea

Learn more about developing from ideas

Arrange a visit

If you have a potential development idea that would fit with a workforce development approach, please complete the attached brief pro forma here to give some background information and send to:


anne.mcnall@northumbria.ac.uk emma.barron@northumbria.ac.uk or contact us if you just wish to discuss further.

Attend any of the staff development sessions below


• 8th October 10- 12.30 with refreshments

• 29th October 10- 12.30 with refreshments

• 19th November 13.30 lunch, session  2-4



Contact any of the team to arrange a visit to NDC to talk through an idea, see some practical example of workforce development packages and products, learn more about blended and e learning approaches or developing competency frameworks.